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The Mammoth® brand provides custom Penthouse units, chillers and chiller plants, packaged DX rooftop systems, water source heat pumps and floor-by floor cooling and heat pump systems for multiple applications. We are dedicated to finding innovative custom engineered solutions for your HVAC requirements.

Mammoth specializes in working with architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners to provide custom systems that are the best and most economical solution for the entire life cycle of the facilities they serve. If you are looking for optimal energy efficiency, quiet acoustic performance, a custom footprint, or LEED® certification of your high performance facility, we have the knowledge and expertise to develop the HVAC system solution to meet your requirements.

Since its start in 1935, Mammoth has been committed to investing in new technologies and new manufacturing processes, to continue to earn its reputation as the leader in quality, custom packaged HVAC systems.

Integrated Packaged Equipment Centers

Integrated packaged equipment centers are one of Mammoth’s most renowned products. Consolidating much of the HVAC equipment into one, integrated packaged equipment center provides a variety of benefits. HVAC equipment is easier to service because it’s located in one place. Building occupants are more comfortable due to reduced noise, because the sometimes noisy air handling units no longer need to be located on each floor (which also provides more usable indoor space). And, installation is faster and more efficient because the equipment is fabricated and tested at the factory.


Eden Prairie, MN, USA


Custom Penthouse Integrated Prefabrication Equipment Centers, Chillers, Packaged Rooftop Systems, Water Source Heat Pumps and Self-Contained Floor by Floor Systems

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